Monday, 28 March 2011

Muslims To Disrupt The Royal Wedding

Not all muslims mind you, just those bearded maniacs from every Englishman's favourite collection of cunts; Muslims Against Crusades.

From the MAC website:

On 29th April 2011, what is probably one of the most anticipated events in recent years will be due to take place at Westminster Abbey; Prince William and Kate Middleton, will soon exchange matrimonial vows, in the presence of a global audience.
Unfortunately, Britain's continued interference in Muslim lands is showing no signs of abating; the plundering of resources, the murdering of innocent (Muslim) men, women and children and the forced indoctrination of the satanic democratic creed have become hallmarks of a brutal regime led by a very brutal dictator.
In the backdrop of all this, we find that one of the biggest advocates of British imperialism, Flight Lieutenant Prince William, wishes to enjoy an extravagant wedding ceremony, ironically at the expense of the tax-payer.
His direct involvement with the murderous British military and eagerness to inherit the reigns of a kingdom built on blood and colonialism clearly demonstrate what type of legacy he wishes to leave.
In light of this, sincere Muslims have decided to organise a forceful demonstration, to once again highlight that as long Britain continues in its quest to occupy Muslim land and wage war against the religion of God (Allah) that we too shall continue in our efforts to undermine their regime and condemn all of their representatives, military or otherwise.
We strongly advise Prince William and his Nazi sympathiser, to withdraw from the crusader British military and give up all affiliation to the tyrannical British Empire.
We promise that should they refuse, then the day which the nation has been dreaming of for so long will become a nightmare and that it will inshaa'allah (God willing) eclipse the protests in Barking, Downing Street and the events of November 11.

Shouting abuse at British soldiers during homecoming parades, burning poppies on remembrance day and now planning to fuck up the wedding of the son of perhaps the most evil old dragon on the face of the earth.
They're playing with fire and my how I will laugh when they get burnt.



banned said...

Prince Chas wants to become Protector of Faith when he seizes the Crown, ie he wants to expand it from Protector Of The Faith (C of E) to be inclusive of Moslems and everybody because they are all lovely.

A future King Billy would also inherit this title so I don't know what the cunts are moaning about; they even bitched last century when Mussolini declared himself Protector Of Italian Moslems, ie Libyans, ungrateful fuckers.

banned said...

And, according to the Telgraph, the 'anarchists' are plotting to spoil Bill and Kates big fat wedding too. Should be fun for all the family were they to clash.

Groompy Tom said...

Prince Fucknut, protector of faiths and whisperer of trees.

To be honest banned, I really couldn't give a toss if it we're disrupted. Clashes on the lawn out front while Charles talks to the trees out back would be awesome entertainment I reckon, definitely my kind of do. Bring it on!

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